The first step in joining MASS F.I.T.

1.  For custom Functional Training, set up your functional movement screening by emailing, calling, texting, or walking into MASS F.I.T. We want to find each person’s movement deviations or lack of balance and asymmetry pertaining to movement. We are extremely excited to show everyone this information. This is one of the best parts of our job. The saying in the FMS (functional movement screening) is, “First move well, then move often.” In order to move well we need to find out where you do not move correctly.
Our most common catch phrase here at the gym is, “If you cannot move your own body weight correctly, you have no business moving other objects.” SQUATTING IS BREATHING. If you cannot squat, push, pull, press, rotate, deadlift and crawl without pain, we cannot in good conscious let you “lift weights”. That is simply irresponsible training. We will screen you to find your muscular overcompensations, postural deviations, and structural weaknesses pertaining to balance and movement, then comes the part where we put pen to paper.

2. Now you know where the problem areas are in your body, and why you might have pain or discomfort. For most people this is a “mind blower”. You will ask yourself, “Why have I worked out this long without knowing this type of information?” The answer is – because Functional Training is just not popular yet. Everyone else is still too busy in the whole “classes, classes, classes, one size fits all mindset”. This is what MASS F.I.T. has removed itself from. We are all inherently different. It is illogical for us all to train with the same movements, weight, and intensity.

3. Now its time to pick your course of action. You can start doing some of these sample exercises on your own and ask questions where you have them (we love this at MASS F.I.T.). We will give you guidance along the way.
You decide to work with our one-on-one training department. You will go through a series of corrective exercises to alleviate pain and tension, mobility strategies to create movement, along with core and strength training drills to build a more athletic physique through Functional Training.

4.  Its time for your program design. We will build you an in depth structured Functional Training program created in cycles to measure progress, track improvements in balance strength stability and range of motion. No other gym in Philadelphia is doing this. Our ability to create a straight forward science based program to make real time tangible results is what keeps us at the top of the food chain. Otherwise we are just spinning our wheels and working backwards.

What We Are Not:

•    WE ARE NOT CLASS PASS – I do not want to see a room full of lower back pain performing incorrect squats that shouldn’t even be done to begin with.

•    WE ARE NOT SPIN CYCLE – 90% of our clientele has severe lower back pain before training here. We know this, so why are people still riding in a rounded back, flexed spine position creating tighter hips, quads, and weaker lower backs?


If you want to attend these classes above, great! However, this can be done only as fun exercises to do on your off days. If these classes are your regular workout and regular program design, you have a very serious problem on your hands.

We want to visit with you and hear your thoughts about where you want to go and then support your goals with an optimized functional training strategy, specifically created for your success and safety.